A Renegade's Journey Back Into Vintage

Second generation to Russian immigrants who in the early 1900's found themselves in the Brooklyn ghetto known as Williamsburg. Through tenacity, hard work and very good timing, my Grandparents built a business manufacturing dresses from absolutely nothing, that thrived through the Great Depression. I like to believe I offer a touch of that bravado and that with every piece I sell, comes at least a small seed of similar tenacity and at least a single seed of rebellion.

Unique, tough, sexy, confounding, rustic or luxurious. The elements that summon my attraction are undefinable.

From the moment I could speak I was defiant, with a burning need for self expression. Compelled to display my inner character by how I appeared, led me beyond the pre programmed structure of suburban shopping malls, but thrifting was not yet close at hand. Then at 10, I discovered Rock n Roll and soon after, an impassioned love affair ensued. It was a reckless alliance, me and punk rock.

The streets of New York were a cacophony of angst filled with disenfranchised, disenchanted youth. We did not seek change like other youth movements, we wallowed in despair, screamed in anger and spit the ugliness back into everyone's face. Music was the first line of defence, but our costumes were not far behind. Thrifting allowed us to further express our angst and defiance.

Never one to stay in one place for long I wandered from New York, to the Philly area, to San Francisco, LA then across the pond. I paid my way through college by selling my thrift store finds, selling pearls from the oyster, managing and touring bands and promoting shows.

My friends, "throwaways" made up mostly of kids who for some reason were left or had left to raise themselves. Our costumes, made of tidbits scrounged from garbage bins, thrift shops and pretty much anywhere we could find. Our living spaces filled with items others had tossed away... much like many of us. Refugees in our own land, we were just trying to get by. Misfits, seeking a truth that didn't really exist.

I have worked in music, film, video games, tech & now here I am back in vintage. I hope you enjoy Renegade Revival and check out my other shop www.LightlySaucedRetro.net.

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